As I work on finding my voice and style in my jewelry, I look to the art world in general for inspiration. One design motif that recently caught my eye is the mandala. I have always been a stream-of-consciousness artist when a pen finds its way to my hand, and there is something to these mandalas that remind me of my pages of doodles in class notebooks and on random sheets of paper.

Over New Year’s break, I worked up around a dozen new designs for hand engraving. All are variations on a theme: mandalas. The patterns and elements found in these designs are perfect for creating original artwork and hand engraving that artwork in metal.

This guitar-pick-style pendant is the first in a series of these whimsical, geometrical pieces I will be making this year.

With all the lines hand engraved, now this special pendant in copper needs some special blackening agent to darken the lines and then a string of pretty beads to make it complete. Watch for the new listing coming soon to my shop!