Custom Request

1. I am interested in a custom:
ringnecklaceearringsbraceletsetanklethair jewelrymedical IDbridal jewelry setkey tag setcharmother

2a. I would like custom hand engraving:

2b. I am interested in the following hand engraving:
Simple artwork or icon (heart, cross, etc.)Complex artwork (scene, portrait)NameSaying or phraseInitial(s)

2c. Notes for 2b (examples: " ALEX ", " A heart with the initial 'D' inside ", " My initials 'MJH' ")

3. My color preferences for this piece are are:
Metal only — not applicableWhiteBlackGrayRedPinkPeachOrangeGoldYellowBright GreenDark GreenOlive GreenBlueTurquoiseAquaTealIndigoPurpleVioletLavenderFuchsiaOther (please note in comments)

4. I am interested in including:
GemstonesCzech GlassPearlsSwarovski CrystalsLeatherSilkCopperBrassStainless SteelSterling Silver FillSterling Silver14K Gold FillNiobiumTitaniumOther (please note in comments)

5. I would like to stay in this price range: (select all applicable ranges)
Up to $50$50 – $75$75 – $100$100 – $125$125 – $150$150 – $175$175 – $200$200 – $500$500 – $1000

6. I would like this delivered:

Description of requested item / jewelry piece (please include links to my jewelry or inspiration pieces):

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