Why Do I Love Making Jewelry?

I’m always creating, always drawing out plans for some new idea — whether solely in my mind’s eye, on paper, or on the computer. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and, really, have never stopped drawing. Though it took my freshman year of college to realize I wanted art to be an everyday part of my life, I have now been a professional artist in one field or another for over ten years.

With a background in graphic design, I currently work full time as a creative director. I love my job and its a great way to work with digital media on a daily basis. In the evenings, I work in my studio with metal and beads — a complete 180 turn from digital art. There is something different about working with tangible goods that is lost when creating new designs in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, although both hold my attention well.

Where I used to paint, draw, doodle, and sketch everything random notion every day in my spare time, I now use metals and beads to add a little beauty to the world. I have always been a bit entrepreneurial in spirit, trying to capitalize on my talents and skills, but the world of fine art can be a tricky, spotty business. This fact is the main reason I went into graphic design — I knew I could easily get a job in the field and earn a living.

Over the last decade, I have learned many new skills when it comes to the field of art. While I have expert-level skills in most of the Adobe suite of products, I am always delving into traditional areas to expand my knowledge. A few years back, I got to take a 5-day hand engraving class and loved it right away.

Over the last couple of years, I have been able to devote more time in the evenings to my artistic endeavors. Hand engraving allows me to marry my drawing skills with a medium that sells well in our current marketplace: jewelry. Not everyone has the desire or income to decorate with an original oil painting, but most people LOVE to wear jewelry — especially when it is personalized and made just for them.

Most recently, I have learned silversmithing techniques. This has allowed me to expand my jewelry line even further, fabricating my pieces from raw materials and then hand engraving either my hand lettering or my original artwork in metal.

So why do I make jewelry? I love the joy my customers experience when receiving a one-of-a-kind silver ring. I love being able to translate my original artwork to metal. And I absolutely love the sparkle of a pretty gemstone bead or Swarovski crystal. Those reasons come together in perfect harmony — and push me to learn and create more every day.

Thanks for stopping by my shop, and I hope I will be making something custom for you soon. 😉